About APN Promise S.A.

APN Promise provides high-end IT solutions for large and medium businesses, public administration, educational institutions and health services. We offer solutions based on software and hardware from the world's top developers and producers, as well as our own services. We favour functionality, user-friendliness and adaptability of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and markets they operate in. We focus on the long-term optimisation capabilities of solutions offered.

We specialise in providing core infrastructure solutions, IT management services, business productivity and data centre solutions.

We work closely with Microsoft and as its Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) so we are authorised to sign and manage almost all types of Microsoft contracts in Poland, including the newest Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). Additionally, we can supply software from more than 500 other developers.  
Ours services include: business analysis, planning in-company IT development strategies, developing IT solutions, implementing new solutions and/or integrating them with the existing IT infrastructure, developing dedicated systems, delivering IT training and after-sales service.

We work with hardware from producers such as HP, Dell, NetApp and Cisco, and compatible systems from others.

You can attend one of our numerous training courses at our Educational Centre, an authorised Microsoft training centre and a PEARSON VUE examination centre.

More information on the Group can be found in Promise Profile 2017