APN Promise has been creating technology market since 1991. We are ranked in top 500 most dynamic Polish enterprises. Since 2017 we operate in the Baltics.

As the largest Certified Microsoft Partner in Poland and in the Baltics, we feel responsible for the success of our clients and partners. That is why one of our most important goals is to understand their needs. 

We support customers and partners at every stage of their contact with technology – our group has more than 200 specialists, IT architects, developers and engineers. The team helps you plan your licensing and hardware purchases, implements, integrates, educates, provides technological support and develops dedicated applications. 

Our natural environment is technology, so we are constantly improving the quality of our services and applications. We work with passion and even the smallest everyday needs inspire us to create new solutions and services. 

The operations of APN Promise are based on 4 pillars:

In our offer you will find Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS), Microsoft Server and Cloud Enrollment (ECS), Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider In-direct (CSP) and Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement

We provide services in the field of Data Center, Business Intelligence, Modern Desktop, Cyberbezpieczeństwa and IT Asset Management.

We offer applications that help organisations manage their conference rooms (APN Meeting Room), hardware and software resources (APN SAMit), contacts (APN InTouch) and data (4Data Management) or facilitate the archiving of email messages (APN Mail Archives).

For our solutions, we select equipment that meets the requirements of the project. We can provide test hardware or organise a demonstration of our solution at the manufacturer. Our offer includes: servers, network drives, routers, notebooks, computer terminals and mobile devices.

Our customers are enterprises from practically all business sectors, public administration, healthcare system and education. We have experience in the following industries:

Financial and insurance



Media and telecommunications

Public Administration



Net revenues in 2017
Branches: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

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