APN MFA – Secure internal company web systems

Safe external access to company’s systems

APN MFA, a dedicated add-on to ADFS, has been developed to enable safe access to in-company web applications (on-premises, e.g. SharePoint Server) to all employees working outside of the company main office.

VPN based access does not solve all the problems, and often generates new ones – additionally it may increase a risk of unauthorised access to the company resources and requires costly licences. APN MFA is a great alternative.

It enables multi-factor logging into the systems and company applications available locally. When entering a login and password, the user is asked to provide additional verification of his or her identity.

APN MFA requires ADFS installed. If your organisation still hasn’t got an ADFS, we will help you implement and configure it gradually according to current needs e.g. for specific applications.

APN MFA will:

give you safe access to company systems from any place

enable you to define a method of authentication – by means of text messages, e-mail or the Microsoft Authenticator app

enable you to activate a service for the whole company or for individual users

enable you to configure an MFA for users in various domains

make your work more comfortable. APN MFA using text messaging or e-mail does not require any separate software to be installed on employees’ devices

enable you to decide on which systems will be accessible to your employees


How to activate APN MFA?


APN Promise will help you install and configure the APN MFA application. The system can be implemented within 1 or 2 days.


Share using the already available application exclusively after connecting with the company network so that it is possible to use it from the outside of the organisation.


From now on the employees have a remote access to the shared applications which are properly secured.

Do you have questions on APN MFA? Write to us!

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