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On-premise infrastructure migration to Azure

Who is this solution for?

This service is intended for entities interested in transferring selected resources from their server rooms to Microsoft Azure.

What challenges does it address? 

The service should interest organisations for which one of the following statements is true: 

  • the infrastructure in the server room is outside the period of manufacturer’s support and needs to be replaced or upgraded, 
  • the licences used on servers are outside the period of manufacturer’s support and their purchase entails an investment, 
  • the services used in the server room are characterised by a dynamic demand for computing resources, which in practice means that it is necessary to maintain large resource reserves in the server room, 
  • the services used in the server room need to be provided globally in compliance with the required performance parameters, 
  • the organisation needs to launch short-term services, which at the same time require visible capital expenditure in order to be provided. 

How does it work?

We provide the service in accordance with recommendations included in the Cloud Adoption Framework. The migration process is shown in the graph below:


  • we can solve problems with efficiency, scalability and availability of services in the local server room, 
  • excessive capital expenditure is prevented, 
  • the IT team can focus on business services instead of taking care of basic system infrastructure, 
  • migration is based on the manufacturer’s best practices, 
  • the involvement of APN Promise guarantees that the project will be successful. 

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How do we work?

When it comes to the migration of resources, it is recommended to start work by assessing the condition of the infrastructure, which results in defining the scope of the migration project. The next step is to prepare the required project documentation and then we carry out the migration project in accordance with the adopted model. 

The project may be financed under the Azure Migration Program, as APN Promise is its active partner in Poland. The APN team has the required competencies and experience in projects from this area. This is confirmed by the fact that Microsoft granted us Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure advanced specialisation in 2020. 

In 2020 we were honoured with Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure advanced specialisation, which confirms our experience in this area. 

If you want to know more, please contact us.

This service was used by:

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Azure Virtual Desktop

Who is this solution for?

This service is intended for entities looking for a safe and scalable platform to give employees access to desktop and business applications. It is recommended especially for organisations which have Microsoft 365 subscription.

What challenges does it address? 

  • The necessity of ensuring a remote work environment for users. 
  • Avoiding investments related to launching a local VDI environment. 
  • The current VDI solution or classic terminal services are outside the scope of support. 
  • The scalability and security of the current solution, which centralises the users’ place of work, does not comply with the security requirements.

How does it work? 

Azure Virtual Desktop is a service which enables an employee to access one of the available virtual desktops from the prepared pool or gives access to a personal desktop. The service administrator ensures the availability of all the required applications and a secure repository to store the work results. The whole environment is launched within the ecosystem of Microsoft Azure services, which in practice means that we can use common services, such as the user authentication layer (Azure Active Directory) and integration with the local network, while at the same time the environment remains strictly supervised and protected (Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, etc.). 


  • A very low entry threshold for organisations which are just starting to work with virtual desktops. 
  • The possibility of launching the production environment in several hours. 
  • Access to Windows virtual desktop from any place and any device, including a web browser. 
  • The identity and data protection layer is then ensured natively by Azure services.

How do we operate?

We start by identifying the requirements for the users’ working environment and at the same time verifying the current technological condition and the Microsoft services that have already been launched. We design the target architecture for Azure Virtual Desktop and the required interactions. We then implement and configure the architecture for Azure Virtual Desktop, deliver the required business applications and provide repositories to store the work results. 

We prepare a plan to adopt a solution for the system users, making it possible to effectively transform the place of work. 

The high competencies and experience of APN Promise were confirmed in terms of the provision of services involving the implementation of and migration to Azure Virtual Desktop. In 2021, Microsoft granted us Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialisation, which confirms that choosing APN as your implementation partner is the right choice. 

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