Business process management

We will help you optimize processes using the latest technologies.

APN Promise is a WEBCON partner.


Implementation of business processes

We implement business processes based on a modern and proven WEBCON platform (WEBCON BPS). By creating solutions, we use knowledge and experience in the field of the platform itself, but also related technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint and SQL. Thanks to this, we build solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

Process automation brings a number of benefits to organizations, including:

Saving time and money
Better access to information
Elimination of human mistakes
Identification of places for optimization
More control
Ensuring compliance with regulations

Participant screen

With the help of WEBCON BPS, you will model almost every process of your organization.

Thanks to flexibility, modularity and the possibility of using connectors, WEBCON BPS perfectly maps even complicated business processes.

Most often implemented processes in the company’s operations, mapped with the help of WEBCON BPS, are the processes of circulations: 

vacation applications

Process designer view

Why is it worth to build processes based on WEBCON BPS? Have a look at the list of benefits:

The undoubted advantages of the WEBCON BPS platform include speed of solution creation, ease of making changes and efficiency. Thanks to this, you can easily and quickly adapt any process to changes in your organization.

Dlaczego warto budować procesy w oparciu o WEBCON BPS:

They are created 4-6 times faster than traditional solutions
Most processes can be built without using a code
Ease of process modification depending on the needs
Built-in modules – OCR, barcodes, file generation, Office plug-ins
Ready connectors for external systems (ERP, CRM and various databases)
High quality manufacturer support


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