We will modernize or create from scratch the data center of your company.

Let’s take care of your organization's security using the latest technologies

Your own server room

If you do not want to use cloud-based solutions, we will help you create your own server center. 

Hybrid Data Center

Combine the advantages of your own server room and cloud services in the Hybrid Data Center. 

Server room in the cloud

We will help you create a secure server infrastructure in the cloud and transfer the data collected so far. 

We will modernize or create your Data Center

We will provide you with full support starting from the analysis of your environment, through construction and security, and on management and monitoring.

Regardless of whether you are just planning to create your own infrastructure, or if you are seeking modernization, we will help you plan and carry out this process efficiently and safely. 

Our areas of expertise: 
choose the optimal data center model
build infrastructure
ensure business continuity
ensure data security
manage your Data Center
monitor the infrastructure
automate administrative processes
provide technical support and helpdesk
help you use the potential of cloud services


Business Intelligence PowerBI

We will build a server room ideally suited to your organization’s needs

Equipment – a key link

One of the sources of success is properly selected and configured equipment. We will help you choose the best available solutions, taking into account the development of your organization and the need for infrastructure scalability.

We provide the highest quality servers and arrays and devices for network security. We work only with leading technology partners.

Server systems and virtualization

We will support you in the implementation of server and virtualization systems, based on proven and secure solutions:

Windows Server
VMware vSphere

We will ensure business continuity

We find out how important backup and Disaster Recovery are in the critical moment for the organization. We will help you prepare for such events and ensure business continuity in the company.

Data availability is key for each organization. We will help you ensure business continuity and restore access to key services and applications even in a few minutes! 

Microsoft DPM
Azure Backup
Azure Site Recovery
Veeam Backup & Replication

hurtownie danych i business intelligence

We will take care of the security of your data

We will support you in choosing the optimal solution in the field of network protection, protection against attacks and malware, and help you control access to data in your organization.

Network protection 

Firewalls and network protections are the foundation in the digital world. We will secure your organization by providing professional security for wired and wireless networks, both from within and outside the company. 

Protection against attacks and malware 

Minimize the risk of business interruption and associated losses by implementing security measures that provide protection against attacks and malware. 

Securing access to data 

Be sure that no unauthorized person can read your data. We will implement a system of data encryption and authentication, thanks to which the most sensitive element of the company, which is the data will be safe. 

We will improve the management of your data center

We will help you manage your company data center regardless of whether it is stationary, cloud or hybrid.

Managing server configuration and workstations 

implementation and update your systems
install applications
support you in managing security patches

Management of the Defined Data Center software 

virtualization platform
server, network and mass storage resources (storage)
private, hybrid and public cloud

Sharing your own data center 

in the cloud services model 

Manage mobile devices and workstations in the cloud 

control of mobile devices and applications
protection of the organization’s resources through conditional access

We will provide constant monitoring of your infrastructure

We will support you in the process of monitoring your local data center and cloud environment. Thanks to the latest technologies, we will help you forecast the performance and availability of important updates.

We automate administrative processes

We will automate a number of administrative processes in your organization and initiate the integration of various data systems.

We provide: 

automation of processes in the data center
integration of tasks and data between different systems
easier management of the process of automation of virtualized environments

We will improve technical support and helpdesk

Together, we will work out the best technical support model in your company.

We will optimize and facilitate: 

management of IT services
Technical Support
accounting for the quality of services
configuration documentation

We will introduce you to the world of Microsoft Azure public cloud

Very often, your own local server room is not a sufficient solution. To free the full potential of the organization, it is often necessary to combine local and cloud services.

Our team of experienced engineers will help you: 

build your own server room in the cloud
extend the local server room with public cloud services
use PaaS and SaaS as an alternative to virtual machines
migrate your data if you decide to make a comprehensive transition to the cloud
use the full capabilities of cloud services

Do you have questions about the Data Center? Contact us!

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