Modern workplace

We are witnessing dynamic evolution of the workplace. Practically every aspect of it is undergoing change, which also affects the efficiency of individual workers, communication, exchange of information and cooperation in the company.

Automation of processes

Automation of processes in your company

Communication and cooperation

Video-conferencing, group work and cooperation on documents

Intranet portals

Internal communication, exchange of knowledge and information

Workshops on the use of technology

Modern scenarios for cooperation

Data Migration

Transferring emails, calendars, contacts and files across systems

Adaptation of technologies

Business scenarios, communication plans, workshops, monitoring and optimisation

We offer our clients support in the following areas:

Automation of business processes

Work with us to develop automation of business processes in your company! A number of repeatable processes in organisations can be significantly automated to save employees time, identify bottlenecks and reduce the risk of making an error.

The most commonly automated processes in organisations include workflows for:

holiday request forms
business trips

We digitise our customers’ processes using built-in functionalities of Microsoft SharePoint and – for more complex requirements – a dedicated solution based on Microsoft SharePoint – Webcon BPS.

The undoubted value of Webcon BPS lies in its scalability, the quick creation and modification of processes, and the opportunity to use a number of ready-made components, such as scanning, OCR, and bar codes.

Proces w Webcon Designer Studio

Communication and collaboration

Work with us to create your modern workplace, based on efficient cooperation and quick communication! Skype for business provides users with a range of modern communication services within one application, which are available from almost any place and any device.

nowoczesne biuro

Deployment of the system helps reduce the cost of business trips and training courses, increases productivity and facilitates access to expert knowledge in your organisation. The main features of the solution are:

A corporate address book
Instant messaging
HD quality voice and video calls, HD quality voice and video conferencing
Web conferencing (up to 250 people in one meeting) with rich possibilities for cooperation: desktop sharing, remote control of applications, file transfer, white-board, voting, recording
The possibility of people from outside the organisation joining the conference (using just a web browser)
Professional call centre functionality
Client applications for computers, tablets, and smartphones
Centralised management
Encryption of all communication channels

Skype for business is available both as a server and as a service (Office 365).

Intranet portals

We will design an Intranet portal for you. Contact us!

We build Intranet solutions using the technology of Microsoft SharePoint. Traditional Intranet implementations are usually costly and time-consuming. For this reason, an increasing number of our clients choose the Intranet “out of the box” – which is quick to deploy and contains a number of previously developed components to meet most requirements.

Usually, after 3 to 4 weeks we are able to launch the Intranet site, tailored to the needs and visual identity of our client.

Homepage APN Intranet

Trainings for users and administrators

We offer a wide range of training on products and services.

Warsztaty dla użytkowników i administratorów

We provide know-how on using a specific IT tool at work, but most of all we share our knowledge and experience on the most popular scenarios for their usage. We take a personalised approach to every workshop. The agenda of meetings is always prepared with our client. We offer a wide range of training for users and administrators, covering a number of Microsoft products and services, including Office 365.

Data migration

More and more organisations are deciding to use Microsoft Office 365. Most of the time this means that existing emails, contacts, calendars and files must be migrated from the previous solution.

A number of organisations chooses to deploy services gradually. It requires the construction of a hybrid environment (to connect the local infrastructure with Office 365).

APN Promise has the necessary skills and experience to guide you safely through this process. Whenever possible, we implement data migration projects using free tools provided by Microsoft. For more complex scenarios we use third-party tools, such as CloudMigrator or Binary Tree.

Migracja przy użyciu narzędzia Cloud Migrator 365

Migration using Cloud Migrator 365

Technology adoption

The deployment of a new technology is a challenge for most organisations. Work with us to create a plan for technology adoption, communications, workshops or training!

Przykładowy raport PowerBI przedstawiający użycie Office 365

A sample report showing the usage of Office 365

A methodical approach to this process, supported by experience of other companies, significantly increases your chances of success. We support organisations at all stages in the process of adopting Office 365 – from creating a competent team, through working together on developing business scenarios and communications plans, to user workshops, continuous monitoring and improving the process. In projects for adopting Office 365 we use the best methodologies developed by companies Prosci and Microsoft.

Let’s combine your needs with our experience and passion for technology.

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For over 25 years, we have been creating IT solutions for business based on the latest technologies. We help companies to go through the process of digital transformation, offering our consulting, implementation and support service as well as sharing knowledge by our educational programs.

Based on the experience gained and the daily work with companies from all sectors and industries, our team is committed to providing proven and useful IT solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

In addition, we offer a number of services in the CSP model.

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