APN InTouch

Automatic updates of contact details

Permanently accurate database of corporate contacts

Access from any device

Synchronisation of contacts in phones, tablets and PCs

Easy start for new employees

From the very first day, new employees have access to all the necessary data about their colleagues

Can InTouch streamline communication in your company?

InTouch works with Active Directory to provide employees with a constantly up-to-date database of contacts.

Permanently current contact information about employees
Access from any device: in Outlook, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and in web applications

Updated contact data whenever you need it

All changes are made automatically
Any change in the database of contacts is visible in the employee’s address book within one day

Full synchronisation in 1 day

An address book with only the relevant contacts is much easier to use
You can define which contacts are in employees’ address books

The most important contacts are always at hand

What do you get with InTouch?

With InTouch, your employees can access the most important company contacts from Outlook and their smartphones. The information is synchronised with the corporate address book and transferred to the address books of employees. Thanks to the update mechanisms, this data is available on employees’ mobile phones. Everything is done automatically, without any interference in private contacts.

Contacts synced in a few hours:

Access to key contacts of your company
Full synchronisation of contacts complete in one day, within a few hours
An essential solution is for companies with employees using different devices (smartphones, laptops or tablets)

Extension for Exchange and AD:

InTouch works with different versions of Exchange 2010-2016
Configuration takes 30 minutes
Deployments in companies with 100 to 1000 employees
The solution streamlines the workflow and helps you focus on what is important

Invest 30 minutes and all employees in your company will have up-to-date contact details.

Our clients say that InTouch is intuitive irreplaceable

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