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Fully secured and monitored company mail starts with APN Mail Supervisor.

Hundreds, thousands of emails are processed in every company every day. E-mail correspondence is an important record of everyday communication with contractors and between employees. An email is also a carrier of important content and documents.

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What is the APN Mail Supervisor app?

The application performs two important functions in the company: it acts as a guard of all e-mail correspondence in the company and constantly relieves servers from excess resources, freeing up space for e-mail messages that are still flowing in and out.

It allows you to archive messages of the Microsoft Exchange mail server and transfer them to a dedicated system in your organization – thanks to this you will not only relieve the mailbox, but also archive older messages.

The application allows for constant monitoring of activities throughout the company’s mailbox by assigned roles and rules.

Key functionalities of APN Mai Supervisor

Creating an archive of messages in real time – the application operates in two ways: it creates a copy of the message from the mail server and processes the collected items and relieves user boxes thanks to archiving policies.

Thanks to compression and deduplication, items transferred to the archive can take up to several times less space than on source mail servers.

Precise definition of archiving and retention rules.

The application is equipped with a search engine that helps you find the news you need anywhere, anytime from any device.

Users always have access to archived messages from the user’s e-mail program and through an accessible screen for viewing messages in the APN Mail Supervisor system.

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What else does APN Mail Supervisor offer?

3 user roles

APN Mail Supervisor gives you an ability to give users specific roles: User, Auditor and Administrator.

exceptions and exclusion

In APN Mail Supervisor it is possible to add exceptions and exclude selected accounts from the archiving process

Cyclic and real-time archiving

The messages can be downloaded to the system in real time or according to a scheduled schedule.

Whole mailboxes or selected folders

This setting is useful when users have folders with messages that they rarely use, but cannot afford to lose them.

Full archiving or archiving of the attachments

The attachments archiving is useful if the users do not send many e-mails, however the sizes of the attachments are large.

Archiving methods

Archiving may proceed according to the schedule or on demand.

APN Mail Supervisor – benefits for your company

Full record of all message content: metadata, content, and attachment.
E-mail works faster – reducing the volume of mailboxes and smoother their operation.
Relieving the Microsoft Exchange server and increasing storage space.
Mailboxes operate more efficiently, their backups are available, and users retain full access to their messages.
Users have the opportunity to use the collected emails from anywhere and the device.
Ease of conducting the necessary audits – quickly and efficiently without involving individual employees.
A copy of each email – all messages protected against deletion.
Increased efficiency of IT systems – relieving employees and IT systems from unnecessary data, faster launch of Disaster Recovery Exchange.

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