APN Meeting Room – optimisation of conference rooms

Book conference rooms from any device

Book your meeting from your computer, tablet or mobile

Transparent information on the availability of rooms

A quick glance will show you whether a specific room is free

Synchronisation with Office 365 and Exchange

Book just once and the information is available on all devices

Set meetings up directly from a screen outside the conference room

Meetings can be booked easily, including on a screen outside the room

Quick information on room availability

All key details of the meetings scheduled in a room are available at a glance

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Show that your company stays on top of the latest technologies

How can Meeting Room streamline work in your company?

Meeting Room integrates with Office 365, enabling your employees to intuitively book rooms for meetings.

Savings for the company and optimal use of conference rooms

Costs of additional rental can be avoided
Information on the availability of meeting rooms is available from any device
Booking the conference rooms is fast and easy

Increase the use of conference rooms by 52%!

Meetings can be booked quickly, directly from a device outside the room
The system can automatically release a room if a booked meeting does not go ahead
Information about scheduled meetings

Schedule meetings in just seconds!

What is APN Meeting Room?

APN Meeting Room is an application designed for companies that have issues with effective management of conference rooms and meeting schedules.

With Meeting Room, when a meeting is scheduled, it will be instantly visible on the device screen mounted outside the room (and on the main screen in a central location in your office). Users can see current and future room bookings and meeting details (including its subject and organiser). The solution integrates with Office 365 and Exchange; employees can also quickly set up a meeting directly from their tablets.

The system has been successfully implemented in companies from various sectors.

Optimise the utilisation of conference rooms.

meeting room booking system with outlook exchange

Key functionalities of APN Meeting Room

Information on current meetings

Do you know for which room your meeting is scheduled? Who is the organiser? Meeting Room presents key information about the current meeting and those planned for the next few hours.

Quickly schedule meetings from your device

Are you standing outside a meeting room and want to reserve it? With the Quick Meeting functionality you can book it in a few seconds!

meeting room booking system with outlook exchange

View the list of subsequent meetings

Your meeting runs longer and you don’t know whether you can stay in the room? With the list of upcoming meetings you know how much time you have!

The system can be adapted to suit your needs

Show or hide information about the organiser and the topic, add a photo of the organiser or change the colours of displayed information.

Why APN Meeting Room?

meeting room booking system with outlook exchange

Meeting the needs of employees

Rooms can be booked from any device
Meetings can be scheduled in a few seconds
Employees are confident they will find a room when they need it

Extension for Office 365 oraz Exchange on-premises

Integration possible from Exchange 2010
Configuration of the version with one click

Possibility to implement on Windows Server or Azure

Possibility to choose a model tailored to the business infrastructure of your company (on-premises, cloud)
Sales in a subscription model or perpetual ownership

Check how APN Meeting Room will improve the work in your organization.

Test the system on your infrastructure
Our clients say that Meeting Room is intuitive efficient irreplaceable

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