APN SAMit – easily optimise your hardware and software resources

Central data source

One source of information about your hardware and software assets

Database of licenses

Information on the current status of your licensing rights

Support in the SAM process

Support for standardisation during the process (SAM)

Budget under control

Control over costs of acquiring, operating and rolling back your hardware and software

Monitoring expiring licensing rights

All the information about expiring licenses stored in one place

Keeping track of real software usage

Source of information about actually-used software

What advantages will you get with SAMit?

SAMit integrates, automates and supports your information gathering, including

APN SAMit audyt wewnętrzny

Knowing the current status of your resources you can avoid expenditures on redundant licenses and equipment
You don’t bear the additional maintenance ​costs
With automation, you will quickly plan the required budget

Up to 30% less expenditures on software licenses

With automated control measures, you can easily detect unused software licenses
Simplify software license recovery processes
Prepare updated reports in no time

Automated monitoring of your resources

Always know the current status of the software used in your company’s computers
Manage information about agreements, FV and suppliers​ more efficiently with one central location

Minimise legal and business risks

Is SAMit the right solution for you?

We developed SAMit for businesses that want to manage their IT resources and to plan related expenditures efficiently. In addition, SAMit is a data repository that supports processes (SAM) related to reporting and cyclical checks of software legality and real usage.

Optimise the usage of software licenses for:

desktop​ licenses
server ​licenses ​(Core, CPU)
access licenses (CAL)​
time-limited licenses (subscriptions)​
software suites
virtual environments

APN SAMit audyt informatyczny

Why SAMit?

zarządzanie zasobami it

Support for software management processes (SAM):

Recurring reports about the status of your licensing rights and their utilisation
Standardising your hardware and software
Optimising your hardware and software usage
Controlling risks

Controlling your software purchases:

A repository of data about your software and licensing rights
A repository of invoices, contracts and licensing keys
Monitoring of expiring license agreements, subscription and time-limited licenses

Still not sure?

We offer SAMit in 3 licensing models:​

On-Premises: a perpetual license with maintenance (maintaining the database of patterns)
Subscription: a subscription license (a flexible monthly or annual fee)
IT Asset Manager as a Service: a service to support ITAM processes in your organisation, with a subscription for SAMit

For a detailed offer, write to: Magdalena Porębska

You can test SAMit on a selected fragment of your infrastructure in order to determine your actual business needs. This process consists of the following activities:

Installing the tool
Identifying and integrating your data sources
Preparing the inventory of your hardware and software
Training on how to enter data about your purchased licensing rights
Presenting selected reports

To test SAMit, write to: Magdalena Porębska

According to our clients, SAMit is extensive economic irreplaceable

Let’s combine your needs with our experience and passion for technology.

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